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Cards Against Humanity sent its only black writer to a mental institution for speaking about racism

  • Unsurprisingly, the majority of the white staff wanted the n-word in the game, Nicholas Carter was not okay with that.

  • He asked one of the co-founders, Max Temkin, about it - How did it happen? Instead, Temkin told the head writers to fire him.

  • They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'.

  • The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

  • Head writers Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss talked with COO Nick Markos a week after Nicholas was let out. They pretended they didn't know where he was.

  • The three told Nicolas he could return to Cards if he signed, essentially, an NDA and would 'confirm to behavioral requirements' because he had 'affected the energy of the room'. He did not sign, hence this article.

  • Nicolas was about to give his resignation. Weiss would beg him not to quit, saying the culture could change, and he withdrew it.

  • The three then fired him on a call later, claiming he quit on his own free will.

  • says "Only the most docile, loyal supporters of the company are promoted into positions of power." Which is unsurprising.

  • Honestly the entire tale is why I don't trust startups, and why white liberals are not automatically our friends.

  • The CAD team released a statement rebuffing a lot of statements in an article by a banned source. One of the aspects listed is "But we didn't SPELL OUT the n-word!"

  • Max Temkin has stepped down.


I hope this can be posted bc it's horrendous. Burn your CAH cards and play apples to apple.

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i hate psychiatry and social welfare so much. both are tools of carceral capitalism and surveillance that exists to punish non-white people
Wait, what?

That sounds straight up like something from the Victorian era.

O M G.

W T F.
mental health needs a massive overhaul. diagnostic categories and language around mental health are dominated by white male psychiatrists who operate under a medical model.

we need to get away from conceptualising distress as "what's wrong with you?" to rather "what has happened to you?". the current system fails to acknowledge the impact of racism, sexism, poverty, trauma etc on people's experiances.
This sounds like the makings of a horror film.
Jesus Christ. That is just shocking. And people (on Reddit mostly!) keep saying why didn't someone say something earlier? Well, this is exactly the reason...

I thought CAH's comment about not having a proper HR department was very telling. I was reading recently about Mike Isabella's restaurant empire collapsing because it was so utterly toxic in so many ways. They also didn't have HR for ages because "it's a family company" and "we're just all good friends here". Riiiighhht. It's actually a great article if anyone wants to read it:

I don’t know anything about him post top chef (bc why would I), so this article was an interesting albeit unsurprising read. Bye, you won’t be missed.
Me too, I had no idea until I came across the article. He was such a twat on Top Chef so no surprise there, but the article itself is illuminating. The curse of the start up getting too big too soon, throw in a few gigantic egos and a whole lot of hard-working people get utterly shafted for their loyalty.
Ofc they’re from the putrified swamplands of conformity, capitalism, and hate that is the Chicago suburbs. I want all these white supremacists to BURN for what they’ve done.

I hope Nicolas is staying healthy and thriving.
what the fuck
The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

While I was in the mental ward, I realized that the conditions we were being diagnosed with seemed socioeconomically and racially dispersed. It was women who were suicidal, and black men who had addictions. A poor man whose father had died when he was 13 and laid dead in his living room for three days before they knew, was an addict. The trans woman of color was suicidal. The tall, square-jawed white man, however, thought he was God. He informed me that I was a flower one day. I didn’t argue with him.

This is really...something that I can't quite articulate
It's been said, but WHAT THE FUCK
This is the wildest thing i have ever heard. we played cah at game night approx three times before we realized we had been swindled by a not funny game w/ 10 percent replay value.
Lost my set of his game to an ex who was racist. So that tracks.

What in the absolute fuckthough?
Well, today I learned my employer could send me to a mental institution.
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