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Cards Against Humanity sent its only black writer to a mental institution for speaking about racism

  • Unsurprisingly, the majority of the white staff wanted the n-word in the game, Nicholas Carter was not okay with that.

  • He asked one of the co-founders, Max Temkin, about it - How did it happen? Instead, Temkin told the head writers to fire him.

  • They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'.

  • The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

  • Head writers Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss talked with COO Nick Markos a week after Nicholas was let out. They pretended they didn't know where he was.

  • The three told Nicolas he could return to Cards if he signed, essentially, an NDA and would 'confirm to behavioral requirements' because he had 'affected the energy of the room'. He did not sign, hence this article.

  • Nicolas was about to give his resignation. Weiss would beg him not to quit, saying the culture could change, and he withdrew it.

  • The three then fired him on a call later, claiming he quit on his own free will.

  • says "Only the most docile, loyal supporters of the company are promoted into positions of power." Which is unsurprising.

  • Honestly the entire tale is why I don't trust startups, and why white liberals are not automatically our friends.

  • The CAD team released a statement rebuffing a lot of statements in an article by a banned source. One of the aspects listed is "But we didn't SPELL OUT the n-word!"

  • Max Temkin has stepped down.


I hope this can be posted bc it's horrendous. Burn your CAH cards and play apples to apple.

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Terrible awful terrifying read. Brrrr. That fucking stupid game. The only few times I ""played"" revealed some how some of my ""friends"" love rape and racism jokes! Awful !
The only people I’ve known to own this game turned out to be neo nazis so I’m not surprised
His fucking psychiatrist stating that his plight with racism he experienced at his workplace is him being “delusional” is... wow. I’m not surprised though. I had a (gay) white therapist a few years back, who would tell me how me pointing out racism within gay culture/media was me looking for things to be offended by. I would point out a plethora of examples to counter his half-assed “no” retorts, but of course nothing ever got through to him. I immediately sought another therapist after that dumb shit.

Fuck his psychiatrist and fuck everyone working for CAH.
"I had a (gay) white therapist a few years back, who would tell me how me pointing out racism within gay culture/media was me looking for things to be offended by."

Of course he did, I'm not shocked whatsoever
this is so beyond fucked up. i hope nicholas is doing ok, and i hope CAH burns to the ground.
this is.....wow. just.

no words.
bitch, the way i would burn down that building expeditiously
fucking revolting, what the FUCK
this is something the fuck else. those asswipes need to be admitted to the ocean floor.
this is seriously room spinning earth tilting level of what the fuck
What did I just read?!?

I’ve never liked or seen the appeal of this game.
I read about this on Twitter. I’m appalled. I have never bought from them and will endeavour to avoid everything they touch

Deleted comment

Fuck them and that psychiatrist for gaslighting this poor dude. I’m glad I never bought or played their card game.
Fucking disgusting. Absolutely horrid.

I hope retribution comes their way and they're punished for what they've done to someone who had the right to stick up for himself. I also hope Nicholas Carter has a good network of support amongst friends and family in the wake of coming out with this. This game has the edgiest, most annoying/vile fanbase I've ever come across.

Fuck this company. Fuck this game. I'm glad it's burning itself alive in the wake of this shifting cultural zeitgeist we're all experiencing. It's painful for a lot of people - especially black people - but this needs to be done so things like this never happen again and people who do this face their overdue consequences.
i had a hard time processing that title, and a harder time processing that story.

what the actual fuck.
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