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Cards Against Humanity sent its only black writer to a mental institution for speaking about racism

  • Unsurprisingly, the majority of the white staff wanted the n-word in the game, Nicholas Carter was not okay with that.

  • He asked one of the co-founders, Max Temkin, about it - How did it happen? Instead, Temkin told the head writers to fire him.

  • They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'.

  • The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

  • Head writers Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss talked with COO Nick Markos a week after Nicholas was let out. They pretended they didn't know where he was.

  • The three told Nicolas he could return to Cards if he signed, essentially, an NDA and would 'confirm to behavioral requirements' because he had 'affected the energy of the room'. He did not sign, hence this article.

  • Nicolas was about to give his resignation. Weiss would beg him not to quit, saying the culture could change, and he withdrew it.

  • The three then fired him on a call later, claiming he quit on his own free will.

  • says "Only the most docile, loyal supporters of the company are promoted into positions of power." Which is unsurprising.

  • Honestly the entire tale is why I don't trust startups, and why white liberals are not automatically our friends.

  • The CAD team released a statement rebuffing a lot of statements in an article by a banned source. One of the aspects listed is "But we didn't SPELL OUT the n-word!"

  • Max Temkin has stepped down.


I hope this can be posted bc it's horrendous. Burn your CAH cards and play apples to apple.

Tags: race / racism, toys / memorabilia / collectibles

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Cards Against Humanity has never been funny ever JFC I’m so glad I can say it now

Fuck them
This is so... sinister
Wtf!!! This sounds horrible. I hope he sues these assholes.
Start up culture is all about being positive and keeping your head down bc there's a game room in the office. I hated it!
Fuck yes. It was EXACTLY that. I’ve been there irl. Lmao.
and most of them operate in the exact same corporate way as the other corporations they claim not to anyway
it seems like a very Stepford Wives kind of way of doing business tbh
The Game room i for show anyway most people are too busy working 12 hour days doing 3 people's jobs to actually make use of the extra amenities.
Yeeep, and the "family" culture that they always promote. No y'all are not my family. My family does not pay me for services.
YEAP!! I have a fierce dislike for them, the'll give you bean bag chairs and ping pong tables and then ask you to work hours of unpaid extra time because "we're a team!" and "this is our passion!". I'd be like fuck off I work my 8 hours and get the fuck outta here and people would side eye the hell out of me
This is so fucking beyond. I never liked this trash game which was an excuse for people to be racist and otherwise trash. Fuck them
I just went and read the Polygon article and it is pretty awful - the Temkin guy sounds like a sociopath. There is also a rape allegation against him as well. Working for them seems like hell.
Wow, WTF. I've only played CAH a few times with friends, but never again.
Holy shit
Always thought it was a stupid unfunny game anyway
What the actual fuck, this is horrendous. I haven't played this in years and haven't missed it - going to send this to my friend who owns it.
I have to go shower— I feel mentally and physically covered in filth and excrement reading through this. VIIIIILE. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lol wow. Not surprised at all though, this is the card game that redditors cream themselves over
Holy fucking shit. They ruined this guy's life, jesus. I hope he finds success wherever he's at now.
Their statement is something else.

"They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'."

WTF?? you can just do that? commit someone you don't have any connection with to a mental institution?? this is horrible.

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