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Cards Against Humanity sent its only black writer to a mental institution for speaking about racism

  • Unsurprisingly, the majority of the white staff wanted the n-word in the game, Nicholas Carter was not okay with that.

  • He asked one of the co-founders, Max Temkin, about it - How did it happen? Instead, Temkin told the head writers to fire him.

  • They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'.

  • The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

  • Head writers Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss talked with COO Nick Markos a week after Nicholas was let out. They pretended they didn't know where he was.

  • The three told Nicolas he could return to Cards if he signed, essentially, an NDA and would 'confirm to behavioral requirements' because he had 'affected the energy of the room'. He did not sign, hence this article.

  • Nicolas was about to give his resignation. Weiss would beg him not to quit, saying the culture could change, and he withdrew it.

  • The three then fired him on a call later, claiming he quit on his own free will.

  • says "Only the most docile, loyal supporters of the company are promoted into positions of power." Which is unsurprising.

  • Honestly the entire tale is why I don't trust startups, and why white liberals are not automatically our friends.

  • The CAD team released a statement rebuffing a lot of statements in an article by a banned source. One of the aspects listed is "But we didn't SPELL OUT the n-word!"

  • Max Temkin has stepped down.


I hope this can be posted bc it's horrendous. Burn your CAH cards and play apples to apple.

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Oh. My. Fucking. God.
what in the fucking fuck?! throwing my box in the trash right fucking now... i'm so disgusted.
wait a fucking minute what????

Deleted comment

Yeah, a lot of people leave involuntary holds having lost their jobs due to not being able to call out of work which then leads to them not being able to make rent so they lose their home and further problems. People are also often billed for their involuntary holds, and most people financially cannot afford that. It's also, as this post demonstrates, often used against people for "acting out" aka Speaking Up. Sanism is a really easy way to discredit someone.
wtf that sounds like a horror movie?! Also i thought if you were over 18 you can’t be held unless you’re a danger to yourself or others?!? So were they making up lies about him?!? WTFFFFFFFFF
i feel like theres more to this story
uhh what???
WHY do white people want to find loopholes so they can say the n word?? as a white person myself, i have no fucking desire to say it??? i don't even say it alone in my car singing along to music!!
What the actual FUCK
This is horrifying. I remember this game was controversial because it was already pretty racist and homophobic.
What the fuck?????????
Reminds me of, 15 or so years ago some college in New York had a college student from an African country. She complained that she was being monitored in her apartment (or dorm). They told her if she didn't agree to cancel the semester and go to a mental hospital she'd be suspended (or expelled, I don't remember). It turned out there were hidden cameras in her apartment.
What the fuck...
umm, HOLY SHIT?!
elmofire.gif lmao i love how everything i hate is just getting exposed as the trash i always knew it was. i'm on twitter p much all day reading fucked up news but this pinged my xtra dark news radar
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