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Cards Against Humanity sent its only black writer to a mental institution for speaking about racism

  • Unsurprisingly, the majority of the white staff wanted the n-word in the game, Nicholas Carter was not okay with that.

  • He asked one of the co-founders, Max Temkin, about it - How did it happen? Instead, Temkin told the head writers to fire him.

  • They were surprised at his attitude change (being positive, having money, being outspoken), and so they committed him to a mental institution out of 'concern'.

  • The psychiatrist said he was being 'delusional', and would not release him until he agreed that yes, he was only imagining the racism.

  • Head writers Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss talked with COO Nick Markos a week after Nicholas was let out. They pretended they didn't know where he was.

  • The three told Nicolas he could return to Cards if he signed, essentially, an NDA and would 'confirm to behavioral requirements' because he had 'affected the energy of the room'. He did not sign, hence this article.

  • Nicolas was about to give his resignation. Weiss would beg him not to quit, saying the culture could change, and he withdrew it.

  • The three then fired him on a call later, claiming he quit on his own free will.

  • says "Only the most docile, loyal supporters of the company are promoted into positions of power." Which is unsurprising.

  • Honestly the entire tale is why I don't trust startups, and why white liberals are not automatically our friends.

  • The CAD team released a statement rebuffing a lot of statements in an article by a banned source. One of the aspects listed is "But we didn't SPELL OUT the n-word!"

  • Max Temkin has stepped down.


I hope this can be posted bc it's horrendous. Burn your CAH cards and play apples to apple.

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Whites are really working hard to shock me.
The idea that they were able to get a whole man that they work with into a mental institution just because he didn't want a slur on a card is just a whole level of evil.

Pure evil.
How did his coworkers have him committed????
"Andy reached out to my sister who was a senior in college. He told her that I was going to be disciplined at work for my behavior and could lose my job, which so frightened my parents that they drove from New York to Chicago overnight. My dad came to my apartment and asked me to “see someone.” I agreed, since I was imagining a therapist on a couch asking me if I was suicidal. He drove me to Illinois Masonic, where the combination of my parents’ concern and the collateral of a co-worker who was operating with the head writer were enough to have me forcibly kept there."
All of this over a fucking card game so they could use "the n-word" wtf... The absolute worst.
I'm v confused about why the parents went along with this instead of asking his POV???


4 months ago


4 months ago

what the fuck. what the fuck. what the fuck.
I’ve never played this game and anytime someone explained it to me or like showed me some of the cards, I never understood its appeal.
Same, I don’t get it.
Their statement is a ride. And I don't understand how people who were terminated for performance or left abruptly are counted in their turnover response, because that's all butterflies and rainbows.
delusional? can this psychiatrist lose his/her license and never attempt to help people again?
We can (and should!) try but in my experience as a mental health professional, the amount of sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, slut shaming shit I've heard supervisors/psychiatrists would turn your head. The amount of times I've heard supervisors suggest that a woman was "high risk" because she had more than one sexual partner at the same time and had to be like "it's the 21st century is she using protection? Okay then it is not high risk." Having multiple sex partners used to be considered a sign of mania or spiraling or a symptom of many diagnoses. Many of the diagnoses are borderline sexist/racist in their application as well, due to the nature of who is doing the diagnosing. It's a can be real fucking fight to get professionals of 20-30 years to see the slant. It's disgusting.
We had this discussion in my Adult Psychopathology course during grad school. We discussed how a lot of the disorders in the DSM are based on a lot of outdated views steeped in racism, sexism, and even ableism, so why are they still considered mental disorders. When we were told who was on the board to agree what should and shouldn't be in the DSM, it made a hell of a lot of sense. Almost all white men.


3 months ago

This is horrific and in addition to the racism, it's so important to talk about psychiatric abuse and how horrible so many mental institutions are. I have multiple friends who have been committed against their will who weren't allowed to leave until they took antipsychotics and a whole cocktail of other drugs and admitted to things that weren't true. TW: assault[Spoiler (click to open)]One had been sexually assaulted and then was suicidal bc she had to see her assaulter every day and when she expressed that to her therapist, her therapist had her committed and she wasn't allowed out for 3 days and it was the most horrible powerless experience of her life, I'm still SO angry for her

Deleted comment

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you never have to go near that place again
I'm so sorry your friend went through that. Hospital behavioral units are so ill-equipped to handle these situations. And i can't imagine how traumatizing that must have been for them What you're describing is basically the standard protocol for involuntary hospitalization and it needs some serious reform. They really do make you powerless and you have just do whatever they say in order to be released.
Both of my grandmothers have been committed at various times of their lives and it's a shit show every time.

Most recently one of them came out with a broken shoulder and no one "could" explain where it came from. She was probably in her late 60s/early 70s at the time.
My psych ward story
I was voluntarily committed after a suicide attempt at 19. During my initial 72 hrs at a different hospital, my IV injection spot somehow got infected. No one knew until after I'd been transferred to a different hospital with a mental ward. I woke up the morning after I arrived and my arm hurt like hell. I asked for some pain pills, and then proceeded to pass the fuck out right on the floor. This was attributed to "stress" even though I soon started showing signs something was wrong. I had chills and a 103 fever, but I don't remember them giving me anything to reduce it. Then they said maybe I had a UTI, but I've had one before and knew I didn't. They didn't listen when I told them that, and also didn't seem too concerned with the fact that my arm was now visibly red around the blood blister that had formed over the IV spot. Thank god my mom came to visit and threw a fit to get me out of there. I ended up having a really bad infection and the lymph node in my arm swelled up so much I couldn't unbend it for at least a week. I totally think I would have gotten sepsis if I'd stayed.

TL;DR: I got a bad infection while in the psych ward and they didn't listen to me or try and treat it.


4 months ago

Thank you for mentioning this. So many people give up deference to psychiatrist/hospital mental health workers, and it can be a really dangerous paradigm because they aren't all altruistic people just hear to help people. They can become hardened and "seen this before" just like any other employee (cough cop) and it is in the worst interest of the patients for this. And I say this as a therapist, I've met maybe 6 good psychiatrist's in my entire career and the best ones were not the MD's they were the nurse practitioners. But that's anecdotal. Thank you again and I'm so sorry about your friend and hope she is able to find decent care. The mental health system in this country is broken and not serving people the best way.
I’ve never felt comfortable playing CAH bc it just seemed like a way to be racist/sexist ect but it’s fine bc it’s a ~game and it’s “funny” etc but really this is worse than I could have imagined from the edgelords who created this game holy fucking shit


June 29 2020, 00:46:17 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  June 29 2020, 00:49:45 UTC

how does this even happen? and this game/the hype surrounding it always felt aggressively white

& yes apples to apples
holy shit, what??? this is fucking beyond
I mean, they have a card that says “The Hardworking Mexican” that’s often paired with the “White People Like ________” card on social media. Amongst other subtle to straight up racist and problematic content. I’m not surprised they ain’t shit.


June 29 2020, 00:47:40 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  June 29 2020, 00:48:12 UTC

I’ve read through this article twice and I’m still having trouble parsing it because it’s so crazy. Not the guy writing the article - the employers. I mean, I’m trying to imagine my employer going to my family because I dared to speak my mind and convincing them I was having a mental breakdown. Is that a crime? Surely that should be a fucking crime. This is insane!
I came across this yesterday and it was horrifying to read through.

Never played CAH and don't ever intend to.
Glad that I've never played this game or giving this company any money.
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