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ONTD Original: Are Beyoncé, Ann Marie Lastrassi, and Hottie the Same Person??

This week, a shocking truth was revealed: Beyoncé is actually an Italian woman named Ann Marie Lastrassi.

As the reality star Hottie proved in Flavor of Love, she closely resembles Beyoncé. So, the question is raised: Are Beyoncé, Hottie, and Ann Marie Lastrassi... the same woman???

We will have to use our finest detective skills to deduce more deductions.

I have searched the internet for more pictures of Ann Marie Lastrassi, but, alas, there is only one. So let's examine the visual evidence.

Beyoncé next to "Ann Marie:"

Hottie next to "Ann Marie:"

Conspiracy theorists believe that Beyoncé is actually Italian. They say that she pretends to be Black to increase her appeal, despite the fact that artists of color are rarely granted the mainstream success of white artists.

Spoiler alert, Beyonce's true ethnicity is: [spoiler]Black

Hottie's foundation tone is often... confusing. Could she actually be an Italian woman named Ann Marie Lastrassi who has people confused about her ethnicity because of her terrible makeup choices??

Beyoncé is, as everyone knows, a member of the Illuminati. Ann Marie Lastrassi has no other pictures online, which in the year 2020 could only be accomplished through her Illuminati connections.

But obviously, the Illuminati would not want Hottie.

This conspiracy theory also claims that Ariana Grande is Beyoncé's daughter. When Beyoncé entered the Illuminati's Rising Star program, they brainwashed her and took Baby Ari from her. Ariana Grande is a white Italian woman who pretends to be black to increase her appeal. Coincidence?

So, could Beyoncé be the mother of Ariana Grande? We know that Beyoncé has three alleged children. Her favorite number is 4, hence the title of her fourth studio album. But has Beyoncé refused to have any more children because she technically already had four children?

But there is a flaw in this theory: We do not know whether "Ann Marie Lastrassi" has any children. Hottie does not have any children.


Are Ann Marie Lastrassi, Beyonce, and Hottie the same person?

Yes, obviously
No, they are three completely different individuals who happen to resemble each other slightly
They are triplets and their father is Luther Vandross

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