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ontd original; the best disney princess songs, ranked


  • Sung by a Disney Princess. Doesn't have to be official.

  • Has to be, in some capacity, about what they want, their dreams, their goals, whatever.

  • Has to be in one of the theatrical movies. So, honorary mention to Sarah Jefferies in "Descendants 3" for Queen of Mean.

#15 - In This Place / A Place Called Slaughter Race - "Ralph Breaks the Internet"

While Vanellope is the best princess...Sarah Silverman is not a singer. I wish they hadn't forced this on us. I know this movie was hellbent on satirizing everything but it didn't need to satirize the I want song. Enchanted this ain't.

(Spoilers; I forgot to include "True Love's Kiss" from Enchanted but I do like it)

#14 - "When Will My Life Begin" - "Tangled"

I plum forgot about this one. This is when Disney started having a bunch of acoustic folk guitars be the backing for their songs and it got real annoying. There's nothing wrong with this besides being chronically unmemorable.

#13 - I'm Wishing - "Snow White and the Sever Dwarves"

Eeeee well this is a product of it's time. Light musical backing and a squeaky voice. I like the echo effect.

#12 - Speechless - "Aladdin (2019)"

Only one person could sing in the new Aladdin movie (Though I did really like the renditon of "Friend Like Me"), and thankfully that meant Jasmine got a song that you don't have to search in an obscure VHS for. Seriously, she got no song in the original, but she did get one in a sing along tape.

The problem is...the musical style does not fit the rest of the movie. This would fit more in Beauty and the Beast than Aladdin. It's a real pity, because Naomi Scott is a wonderful singer.

#11 - Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty

While the singing is fine, I don't think this voice fits Aurora, unless she was an Opera singer who lived in the forest. The melody is how this gets ranked so high.

This might be the most covered Disney Princess song by real artists; Emily Osmont, Lizzie Grant, and the best one by far, by no secrets.

#10 - Noble Maiden Fair - "Brave"

The first of several movies on this list that were royal letdowns except a song or two. It's a really nice lullaby, even if yours truly has no idea what's being said, besides, presumably, "Noble Maiden Fair". This may also be the only DP song sung when said princess is a toddler.

#9 Part of Your World  - "The Little Mermaid"

So...this is another instance I wanted to put the reprise, but there's a deleted version of the reprise with the lyrics "I'd give my life, I'd sell my soul, for I'd fear I'd never be whole," but I'm not sure if Jodi Benson actually sung it. So, alas, it does not count. This is okay though.

#8 - Almost There - "The Princess and the Frog"

Ever hear a voice that just nails the time period and style of the song? That's Ankia Noni Rose in "Almsot There".  There's something about this song that's simple, clear, and uplifting, especially with the interlude (?) in the third act of the horns.

#7- Show Yourself - "Frozen II"

I cannot STAND Let It Go sung by Idina. Amber Riley did a much better job.

Thank god they finally wrote a song Idina could sing in her register. I have a low voice too, and I know my limits. There's still power behind the voice when she's not straining in the pitchy powerballad. the best lyrics are actually calling back to "All Is Found", but the Voice of the Legion they play it as is awesome.

I never particularly enjoyed the blend of a piano and guitar? For these soundtracks. But I guess the meaning makes me overlook. Though it does kind of overpower Idina at points.

#6 - Belle - "Beauty and the Beast"

Belle is just written straight out of a musical. I mean...Howard Ashman. C'mon. I love this song, I just like the others a bit more. This may actually be the longest Disney Princess song, as well as one that's mostly sung by other people about the character. Sometimes Belle sounds a little painfully pitchy at points, but I'd much rather hear Paige O'Hara than Microsoft Emma.

#5 - I Won't Say I'm In Love - "Hercules"

The  - THE - THE quintessential power ballad of Disney. It doesn't get better in a power-ballad-y way, folks.

#4 - Song of the Ancestors (I Am Moana) - "Moana"

I was going to put "How Far I'll Go" for the Moana entry initially and mark it as lke number 9 but some how??? I forgot about this masterpiece reprise?
Still counts, she's singing in it!

It's the "I. AM. MOANAAAA" that nails everything and it's beautiful.

#3 Reflection (Deleted Edition) - "Mulan"

It's my original so I'm cheating; The movie version of "Reflection" is fine, but I prefer the deleted one that adds a few more lines;

I see why it was cut, it's simply repeating information already shown in the film

#2 - The Next Right Thing - "Frozen II"

Out of all the music in Frozen II, this is the one that's mostly ignored (Besides "When I Am Older"), and it's a pity.

It's probably the greatest thing Kirsten Bell has ever done besides overshare about her life. I wonder how it sounds in other languages.

It's sad, well acted and frankly, I cry every time I hear it. Which is often while driving. Don't do that, people!

#1 - Just Around the Riverbend - "Pocahontas"

The movie blows, let's be real, but the soundtrack is a surprising banger, none more...than "Colors of the Wind", but this is about Disney Princess songs. Listen to Judy Kuhn during the chorus. It's so airy but powerful.

srces are linked in the post.
I'm not wrong, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves about the rankings here.
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