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ONTD ORIGINAL: Men are indeed trash 🗑️ (part 1)


      After the accusations of sexual assault made against Ansel Elgort, I decided to bring back my original ONTD posts but this time focusing on men who prey on young girls. A lot of the information here is based on what's been reported, rumors, and what I've been personally told by one of the woman herself. I may have to “friend with a bike” on one of these accusations because of reasons and to protect those involved but if I didn’t feel comfortable or doubted what I have been told, I would not post it. Thanks to harrys_headband and another user that I shall not name for helping me come up with this list. This is the first post out of however many.


On June 19th, 2020, a user on twitter came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Ansel Elgort. She recollects, in detail, her experience with him and how he raped her. Here are the allegations:

Since posting the allegations, she’s deleted her account after being harassed by fans. She’s not the only one to come forward. Other fans have talked about inappropriate exchanges with Ansel on his private snapchat account that he made to probably lure young girls. It basically aligns with his conversation with his accuser. Him telling them they're cute and if they’ve done anything like this before. He makes it a point to tell girls not to tell anybody that they're talking.

Of course, Ansel denied the incident and basically said that she’s accusing him of rape because he broke up with her and he didnt “handle it well”. Ansel has also said some weird and creepy things in the past, like going to his father’s dark room at his studio to “find all the boobs he could find”. Also told GQ in an interview that girls love “some weird nerdy thing” in rooms because it makes a man look “less threatening”. Never trust a man who knows the age of consent in a state he's filming in.


Theo was Ansel’s costar in the terrible Divergent franchise series. I cannot tell you who told me what because I promised the girl I would not reveal who she is because I didn’t want to expose her to psychotic fans. And I will also not reveal who also told me about another set of disturbing things re: Theo. So, a month before he was legally married, he made out with a 19 year old in a club. He told her he was there for a stag-do (probably his own tbh) and repeatedly asked her her age in hopes that she would tell him something older than 19 (her words not mine). She felt weirded out about that as the night went on. She was set to start at the university that he went to. So he tried to tell her what he did there in order to seem more relatable to her. He eventually asked her what hotel she was staying at. After confiding in a friend about her conversations with him, she stayed away from him.

He also allegedly preyed on younger extras on the set of one of his films. Those girls were under the age of 18. He was allegedly the only male on set who would flirt or attempt anything more with the extras. He would lure these young girls in by boasting about going to work in Hollywood. Mind you, he very much acts like he’s above the whole scene despite spending a lot of time in Venice Beach with his wife. According to those in such circles, he was known for hitting on girls in clubs (they used fake IDs) who looked extremely young and he would hit on them and try to take them home.


Jared Leto has a long history of being a POS. Rumors about Leto and underage women have circulated the internet for years. In fact, James Gunn and Dylan Sprouse both have called out Leto for his disgusting behavior.

According to the New York Post, Leto had an "affinity" for texting underage girls. He was even accused of sending a dick pic to an underage fan and inviting underage fans to his tour bus. In 2013, someone on a message board shared her traumatic experience with Leto and called him a pedophile. She met him on set and would meet him at his hotel in Gramercy Park in New York. He would ask her to tell him she was 14 or 15 because he got off on it. From the age of 17 to 21, they often had nonconsensual sex. Allegedly, the actor was also hooking up with the daughter of a famous model from the 80's/90's when she was only 13/14. He allegedly uses an app that deletes the messages after they've been read. There have been TOO many accounts to ignore from women re: Leto. Mentions of nonconsensual sex, rough sex, and general predatory behavior is a common theme in all accusations against Leto.


Dane Cook has been with his very young girlfriend since she was at least 18. They met at a game night at his home. Dunno why an 18 year old with no relation to him was at his home to begin with. They were friends at first because a man in his forties just has SO much in common with a teenager. After that, they fell in love with each other and have been together since. When asked if dating someone older was hard, she said no bc they're both driven and have similar goals (barf). He also bought her a prestigious Honda Civic.

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