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Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate walk away from voicing biracial character on animated comedies

Kristen Bell voices Molly on the new Apple TV+ animated comedy "Central Park" (from Bob's Burgers team) while Jenny Slate has been voicing Missy on the Netflix animated show "Big Mouth" for 3 seasons. Both characters have a white and a black parents on the shows.

In case of Kristen Bell, the creators of the show said that they cast the voice actors before the characters were fully developed and Kristen was perfect for the character that fleshed out despite her being white. The creators have said they they will find a new character for her to voice on the show.

In case of Jenny Slate, she says she related with the character because Missy has a white mom who happens to be Jewish. But she now acknowledges that her reasoning was flawed.

The teams from both shows have said that the plan to cast a biracial or black voice actor for the role.

This started a debate online about whether actors should be able to voice any character despite their race. In Central Park, Daveed Diggs (who is black, in case you didn't know) voices the character of a white woman.

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