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8 women accuse director Ciro Guerra of sexual harassment and assault

  • Volcánicas, a feminist periodical, has released an in depth piece on Ciro Guerra based on interviews they did with 8 women around the world accusing him of using his prestigious career to sexually harass and abuse women who worked in the film industry

  • The women have contemporaneous text messages and in one case audio recordings of the harassment (Volcánicas did not release the audio)

  • Guerra is a Colombian filmmaker whose films have played at Cannes and who was nominated for an Oscar for his 2015 film Embrace of the Serpent

  • Volcánicas reached out to Guerra who denied the claims and said that "people" had reached out to him and told him that false sexual abuse claims against him were coming

N.B. the piece is in Spanish with rough summaries by me. The assaults took place between 2013-2019 in 6 different cities

[TW: for sexual abuse]

  • Case #1 someone who worked in film met him at a festival in NYC. They shared an Uber home after an after-party and he started forcefully kissing and groping her while getting increasingly violent. The Uber driver helped her out by telling Guerra they had arrived at his "hotel" which was actually the middle of nowhere.

  • Case #2 a Colombian actress met him during a film festival in Mexico City. A group of Colombians went to a salsa bar a few days later and he was there and commenced forcefully kissing and groping her and trying her to get her back to his hotel. After she declined he told her all about how he worked with Johnny Depp and tried to kiss and grope her again

  • Case #3 a Colombian director knew Guerra professionally and felt uncomfortable around him but agreed to go to his apartment to look at some of his work. After showing her his awards Guerra forcibly touched her, sexually assaulted her and hit her when she resisted. She was able to record parts of this on her phone and send these messages to her boyfriend who came and helped her leave

  • Case #4 Someone whose film was on the festival circuit at the same time as Embrace of the Serpent knew Guerra. After hanging out together one night he said he would see her home and then forcibly kissed her and shoved his hands up her shirt and down her pants. In 2018 they met again and she confronted him and while he admitted to forcibly kissing her he denied everything else and then said if he acted inappropriately it was because he had just seperated from his wife and didn't know how to be around women. She forgave him and thought it was a one off but later learned that there were other women he had forcibly groped and kissed.

  • Case #5 An actress was groped by him at a party. Later on he asked her to tell him about all the directors she had sex with and after she repeatedly told him she had never slept with any of her directors he kept insisting he didn't believe her.

  • Case #6 A costume designer said that in 2013 during a festival he followed her when she went to the bathroom and tried to forcibly kiss her. After she rebuffed him he told her not to tell anyone what happened but she immediately told a friend (who corroborated her story)

  • Case #7 A former student of his said after she graduated from an audiovisual course he had given he asked some of the students to join them for a drink. When they were alone he forcibly kissed her. He tried to forcibly kiss her a second time when they randomly ran into each other.

  • Case #8 A 24 year old working at the Colombian Embassy in Germany met him in a professional context. She said she was telling him about her thesis and then he touched her shoulder and asked her out to dance and asked her how old she was and she realized he was hitting on her which put her in a difficult position as she was working. She also said she had memories of him hitting on all the interns and at least one intern lost her position because of Guerra.


This is so vile.
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