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The View: Bubba Wallace, Loni Love, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

T45 said during his flop KKK rally that he slowed down covid testing because he didn’t want it to make him look bad. WH cult followers said he was joking, but then T45 said he doesn’t kid. 123K Americans have died, but sure joke about it. 4 ½ months to election. Vote out that psychopath. Ps former cohost Abby Huntsman has covid plus her family.

For all the hoopla about how many miles of border wall T45 has built in AZ, know this: only 3 miles are `new`. The other miles are refurbished wall that’s always been budgeted for repairs, not new extension.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

After 2 shootings with 1 death, the Seattle Mayor has asked protestors to go home and is working out terms with the demonstrators. The panel talks about a lot of adjacent-topics moreso than Seattle itself. Somehow Me-again diverts topic back to statues and yesterday’s blah blah continues.

Hot Topic Living Life in Hazmat Gear

DJ Khaled posted a photo wearing hazmat to the dentist. Joy says she and her husband drive around and fuss about people not wearing masks. Everyone says they’re still hesitant to be out. Meghan says a lot of things. Whoopi has gained everyone else’s weight loss.

Hot Topic Bubba Wallace

Not going to cover too much of this because it’s resolved now. His racing team owner Richard Petty was out to support him, the video of NASCAR drivers and their crew supporting Bubba was great to see.

You can read about the FBI findings at this link

**Revealed later today, FBI completed their investigation. A crewmember had found the rope, not Bubba himself. Turns out the garage door pull-down rope was there at least since October 2019 per photographic evidence, at the last race held at the track. It was in a shape of a noose unlike other race track garage door pull-downs, but no one could’ve known Bubba would later be assigned that stall only last week prior to the Talladega 500 race. So, nobody made it up, and Bubba was understandably upset. But it turns out it wasn’t a recent reaction to BLM or NASCAR removing confederate flag, and now the case is closed.

Hot Topic Loni Love

She is promoting her book I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To. She talks about covid interrupting people’s milestones like graduations, plus BLM, Bubba, and her arrest and encounter with an officer when she was 19 yrs old.

Ontd have you ever put soda in a water cup at a fast food restaurant?

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