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Emmanuelle Béart: her fond memory of Tom Cruise


Emmanuelle Béart played Claire Phelps in the first Mission Impossible movie.

In an interview with ""50 minutes inside", she recalls the casting process

To land the role, she has an appointment with Tom Cruise in an apartment for the casting. "I was told to pin this young man against the wall and put a gun on his temple. And since I have a good energy, let's say, I said to myself "Ok, I'm doing it". And so I caught him, but I don't think he expected it, and he said to himself "a little French girl ..." and I was hired immediately. "

Since then, Emmanuelle Béart has had very good memories of Tom Cruise. “I found him quite exciting as an actor, extremely professional and generous. I'd love to see him again, he's someone good. "

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