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The View: Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Emptysburg Address

TRE45ON campaign re-start flopped tremendously. The world laughed. T45 campaign manager Brad “the website guy” Parscale predicted 1M turnout. The BOK center holds 19K and the nearby convention center holds 40K. Welp. TikTok teens and kpop armies trolled T45 by registering for tickets, artificially inflating the ~expected crowd. But nevertheless, < 6,200 people showed up. The b-roll of them dismantling the outdoor stage, because there was no overflow loool forever. @LincolnProject and @MeidasTouch are dragging him, their digital ads are great (some are also TV ads).

Hot Topic Ignore Polls, Vote! Vote! Vote!

It’s fun to laugh and mock T45 daily, and especially about his flop KKK rally in Tulsa, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. Ignore polls. Vote, vote, vote. KY primary is tomorrow but polling locations have been drastically limited, similar to Georgia. Red states will do every thing they possible can to suppress votes and create doubt about election results.

Have a laugh then get back to it. Adopt a candidate, volunteer for campaign outreach, or voter turnout initiatives.

1. As soon as your state allows mail in ballots, vote and postmark the first day possible
2. As soon as your state starts early voting, go vote
3. If you can’t vote until election day, get there as soon as polls open, put on a mask, glove up, and hope for the best.

Hot Topic Teddy Roosevelt Statue

Meghan rants and rambles a lot.

This particular statue is Teddy on a horse with a Native American standing on one side and an African man standing on the other side. That image is the issue, so they’re looking for a different statue of Teddy, since he created the American Museum of Natural History (in context to the location). Panel discusses statues and monuments and who should or shouldn’t have one and should there even be funding for statues vs (example) education that isn’t revisionist history. Meghan is annoying.

Hot Topic Silence the Fireworks

At least in NYC, there has been a lot of fireworks going off nearly every night. Starting at sundown and goes almost the whole night. It’s annoying, people have kids, the noise scares the dogs. Rumor that it’s kids seems implausible because fireworks are expensive. Fireworks have been used as psychological warfare before, what is happening?!?!

Ontd did you have a fun weekend?

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Posts from This Сommunity “the view (abc)” Tag