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Youtube Drama: Skincare Edition

Popular Skincare Youtuber Susan Yara just reveled that she is the founder of Naturium, a new skincare brand
Problem is she has been promoting the brand's products for weeks without disclosing it

In a previous video she said she got a PR package (from herself?) and praised Naturium's Vitamin C serum while talking shit about The Ordinary

r/SkincareAddiction post

another r/SkincareAddiction post:

I’m currently watching her “4 Affordable Vitamin C Serums I Recommend” video that she posted a month ago and she’s definitely referring to the Naturium line as though it is a brand she found while researching. She says a ton of misleading things, such as:

- referring to the product as “this is their vitamin c serum” (when In reality she should say this is “my” serum)
-she says that the Naturium brand “also has another vitamin c serum that mixes ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol and I’m very curious about that” — why would she talk as if she wasn’t one of the masterminds behind the product?
-she says that she’s “actually surprised that [the product] is only $20” — like whattt? It’s YOUR product? How are you surprised at the price???

This all seems super unethical and disingenuous to me.

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