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Multiple Riverdale Cast Members Accused (and Falsely Accused) of Sexual Assault

Following the recent pattern of celebrities being exposed/accused of being sexual predators by anonymous Twitter accounts, it was the Riverdale cast's turn today. But this one is a very confusing and complicated tale that I will try to summarize as best as I can as someone that watched it unfold in real time. Big trigger warning for this whole post.

It all stated when an account came forward with allegations against one of KJ Apa's band mates, who they later named as Alex Hooch. You can read through her whole thread, there's plenty of proof and seems pretty irrefutable (again, big trigger warning):

Then, earlier today, a different Twitter account popped up, making accusations about Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) during his time at NYU:

While the Alex Hooch story was met with tons of support, this was, predictably, met with a much bigger divison. While most non-Sprouse/Jughead fans believed them, and a surprising amount of fans did too, there were of course some that absolutely refused to believe it.

Cut to an hour later, and two more accounts pop up, one (since deleted) accusing Vanessa Morgan (Toni Topaz) of assaulting them at a Halloween party years ago and another alledging that KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) assaulted them early last year. Only the KJ account is still up, so these are their tweets:

These accounts were also met with a surprising amount of support from disappointed fans. And then came one more, this time from another (since deleted) account claiming that Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) groped them while taking a picture.

EDIT: It seems that between the time I made this post and now, the account making accusations against KJ has been suspended (as opposed to deleted). So I'm not sure what that means about his accusations, especially since Cole's is still up.

But in a bit of a plot twist, not long after that, that account accusing Lili tweeted that they were lying to prove how easy it is to fake these kinds of stories, and that KJ and Vanessa didn't do anything:

Based on that, a lot of fans took it to mean that this person was also behind the accounts accusing Vanessa and KJ, but I'll spare you the details of that detour (just know it involves another account, failed IP tracking, and other mess) and just say that long story short, the person behind the Lili account seems to have no affiliation with the KJ and Vanessa ones.

The next big development came when the Vanessa account - which deleted their tweets and deactivated around the same time as the Lili one, furthering that false speculation - reactivated and denied any affiliation with the Lili account, but did come forward and admit the truth about their story about Vanessa:

So as it turns out, they were relying a story someone else told them, that was both exaggerated and not even about Vanessa. For those keeping track:

Confirmed to be falsely accused: Lili Reinhart and Vanessa Morgan (both victims of sexual assault themselves)
Not confirmed yet: Cole Sprouse
Up in the air: KJ Apa

Then a few hours later, it seems Cole was elected as the cast spokesperson, because he posted a series of tweets addressing the matter on his reactivated Twitter account:

Vanessa Morgan retweeted all three tweets, while Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart quoted to add their own commentary:

While it's entirely possible they've been in contact with Twitter higher ups and know more info about the accounts than fans do (especially given the very recent suspension of the KJ account), it's important to point out that while Cole and Lili seem to lump all the accusations in together and suggest that they not only all came from the same account/person, but that they've all been proven false, only Lili and Vanessa's have so far.

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Time will tell what happens from all of this, but one thing seems obvious: if KJ Apa/the cast knows about these accusations, he must know about the clearly legitimate one about his band mate, so at the very least, he needs to kick him out of the band.
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