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Beauty Guru Drama: Jeffree Star apologizes for *new* past racist controversies, Shane Dawson quits

Jeffree Star:
- *New* past racist pictures of the controversial Beauty Guru Jeffree Star surfaced: 1) a picture of him posing next to someone wearing a confederate flag 2) pictures of him glorifying self-harm 3) receipts on him previously creating in 2001 to 2004 a nazi makeup line called "lipstick nazi" which promo pics featured swastikas.
- Following this 140th racist scandal, Jeffree Star issued an apology on Twittter, saying he was "17" at the time and wanted to "fit" into the art scene back then.
- Says the term "lipstick nazi" came from a Seinfeld joke where one character was nicknamed "soup nazi" for being a crazy cook. Denies ever owning another makeup brand than Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
- Now, he knows better and grew up and owns an all-race inclusive successful makeup brand.
- Following this scandal, J* lost 200k subs on Instagram and is now at 15.8M followers.

Shane Dawson:
- At the same time, other problematic male Beauty Guru Shane Dawson addressed the rumors about his participation in last year's takedown of James Charles by Tati Westbrook.
- Says in a deleted tweet that he had nothing to do with it though he knew Tati was going to make the video.
- Also states that he's done with the toxic Beauty world (even if he re-launched his palette collection "Controversy" with Jeffree Star 24 hours before).
- Shane Dawson was previously exposed in 2014 for the racist comedy skits he did on YouTube back in 2012 when he was 23. In them, Shane did a blackface and cosplayed as a black woman to perform for what he called a "ghetto prank". He completed the racist "skit" by dropping the n-word and joking about chickens and booty dances.
- He apologized in 2014 after getting exposed, saying "I’m sorry for anyone offended by my old videos. I have no hate in my heart and I hope you can forgive me."
- Shane overcame this controversy and has now accumulated 23M followers on YouTube.
- Of course, both are getting roasted even though J* supporters are defending him en masse and calling for Rihanna and others to be boycotted over wearing a "Boy" hat once (because it's the same as what J* did).

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Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, nobody, race / racism

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