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Wrestlers speak out about systemic abuse in the industry

The past 48 hours lots of wrestlers have been speaking out about sexual, physical and emotional abuse in the industry under the #SpeakingOut hashtag on Twitter.

WWE has already let British wrestler Jack Gallagher go and AEW has said that Jimmy Havoc will be in treatment and counseling while they decide how to proceed. NWA VP David Lagana has also resigned.


Other people who are facing allegations include David Starr, Jim and Stacey Cornette, Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle from NXT, and a long list of British wrestlers from NXT UK and the British indie scene including Jordan Devlin, Ligero, Travis Banks, Mikey Whiplash and many more.

UK police have started an investigation.

Not all allegations have been confirmed, but wrestlers on both sides of the pond have been showing support for the people speaking out.

There is a lot more on the #SpeakingOut hashtag:

The wrestling scene has a long history of sexual and physical abuse allegations, going right up to the top (Vince McMahon), and including many WWE hall of famers like Jerry Lawler, Ric Flair, JBL and others. Whether this is the start of a true #MeToo moment for the industry remains to be seen, but for now we hear and support those who are speaking out.

If you are in the UK, you can write to your MP to urge support for the Sexual Offences (Sports Coaches) Bill 2019-21, which would outlaw coaches from having relationships with trainees under 18.

Dakota Kai has been streaming on Twitch to raise money for RAINN. You can contribute directly at

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