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Annie releases new song "American Cars" + announces first album in 11 years

Annie, the voice of songs such as "The Greatest Hit", "Heartbeat", "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me" and "Russian Kiss", is finally back. This is the first release of the Norwegian singer ever since her latest EP, Endless Vacation, in 2015. It's a slower song than your average Annie song, as it is pretty much a downtempo, but you still can see her identity there.

Not only that, she also announces a new album is on the way, the first since "Don't Stop", in 2009. It was produced by Stefan Storm and was defined by the singer as “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist”.

Dark Hearts:

01 In Heaven
02 The Streets Where I Belong
03 Dark Hearts
04 Miracle Mile
05 Corridors of Time
06 Forever ’92
07 American Cars
08 Mermaid Dreams
09 Stay Tomorrow
10 The Countdown to the End of the World
11 The Bomb
12 The Untold Story
13 It’s Finally Over

RELEASE: October 16th

SOURCE: Song, Tweet
Tags: european celebrities, new music post

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