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The View: Martha Raddatz, Art Acevedo, Laverne Cox

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Another clip and more behind the cut

Hot Topic ABC News Martha Raddatz

F’ck John Bolton who put profit over ethics. The audacity of him to say Dems should’ve impeached T45 on more actions, that they would’ve only known about had he testified. Someone needs to take one for the team and make one purchase, then publish in its entirety on the web under anonymous account so he can’t make any more than his advance fee on the book.

Moves on to SCOTUS week, ruling just before show about 700K Dreamers. DACA is secure for now. Follow @ProjectLincoln funded by never-Trumpers who are attacking T45 like only the GOP can do. Their digital ads (many of which are also TV ads) are scorching. Also T45 is trying to stop the publication by claiming it’s classified. Hot tip: They can’t claim it’s fake info then also claim it’s classified. They’d be suing for libel-slander-defamation, not classified. Just wait for news media and twitter to share it for free.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo Has been taking to the streets and march with protestors. He talks about Floyd, marching in solidarity with BLM, and police reform. He feels he’s getting more press because he’s President of Major City Chiefs Association, which is 69 largest depts in US plus 9 in Canada. He feels he’s lifting their voices as Chief. They also talk about Atlanta, Brooks, officers charged, blue flu, reform legislation from GOP Senate vs Dem House, no-knock warrants.

More talk about reform, defunding, abolish. Also discussion about several black men found hanging.

Hot Topic Laverne Cox

She is promoting her documentary Disclosure on Netflix, and talks about SCOTUS ruling for LGBTQ workplace protection. Covers the details of the ruling. Brings up healthcare, housing, public accommodations. Policies in place doesn’t always change the hearts and minds, mentions recent deaths of trans individuals who have been murdered. Still work to be done to change the culture. Some talk about cancel culture. Explains details about her documentary. Also hosting a covid19 relief benefit on 25 June.

Ontd did you go to sleep in June earlier this week then wake up in November, what is this weather?!

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