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Who won the finale of "Road to Kingdom"?

- A follow up to this post

- For the past two months, seven, lesser-known K-pop boy groups have been competing in a preliminary show called "Road to Kingdom" for a shot at performing on the main show "Kingdom" (a companion to last year's girl group competition show "Queendom"

- Five surviving groups performed their new singles on the live finale, which - true to MNet fashion - was beleaguered with confusing voting guidelines, inexplicable delays, and the live voting app crashing and remaining inaccessible to many frustrated viewers (I tried to vote and could not get into the app for the entire 60-minute voting window)

In performance order:


2. VERIVERY - "Beautiful-x"


4. Pentagon - "Basquiat"

5. ONF - "New World"

Vocalists from each of the five groups also teamed up for a special performance for the fans:

But onto the main event...

The show had previously announced that there was a possibility of two winners: one for the highest score during the live finale, and one for the highest cumulative score from the competition. In the event that one group had the highest scores in both categories, only that group would go onto "Kingdom."

At the end of the show, the MCs announced that there would only be one winner. The top 2 groups were: The Boyz and ONF.

And after another commercial break, they finally announced...

The Boyz as winners of "Road to Kingdom." The final ranking found them in lead, followed by ONF, Pentagon, ONEUS, and VERIVERY.

And just in case you thought you'd be free of MNet's clutches... they already posted a teaser that "Kingdom" will be "coming soon":

Are you happy with the winner, ONTD? Who would you like to see competing in the oncoming stan apocalypse "Kingdom"?

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