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New 'LOVE, VICTOR' Clip ft. Bram/Blue! + 'This Season on Love, Victor' Trailer

Victor goes to NY to visit Simon and Bram/Blue in this clip:

- Things we learned in Episode 01: [Spoiler (click to open)]The teacher that stood up for Simon became Vice-principal. Simon is a legend for the ferris-wheel thing. Simon and Bram are together and in college. Simon and Victor connect through Instagram DMs. (Get that product placement, Zuckerberg), Benji is an out gay student.

[This Season on LOVE, VICTOR...]

Source 1, 2

ONTD, what did you think about the 'Love, Victor' premiere? (Spoilers in the comments)
Tags: lgbtq / rights, lgbtq film / media, television - hulu, television promo / stills

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