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Noname Spreads Knowledge & Truth and Boots Riley and J. Cole Say Things of Varying Usefulness

Various things came to a head on Twitter this week involving Noname, Chicago rapper and book club founder. First, on Monday, Noname sat down alongside Boots Riley, formerly of the Coup and director of Sorry to Bother You, for an interview with Khury Peterson-Smith for Haymarket Books. They spoke about a variety of issues including the direction activism should go and the interconnectedness of capitalist systems and white supremacy.

Noname spoke passionately about the need to show up for Black Trans women and said that she didn't think Black men were there for those conversations. Boots Riley got defensive and patronizing. Reactions on Twitter were calling out Boots for "mansplaining patriarchy" and derailing conversations. People also pointed out the stark difference in how much time Noname felt comfortable taking up versus Boots.

Also today in Noname news, J.Cole released a song pretty unanimously interpreted to be taking shots at Noname after her tweets in late May on rappers failing to speak out.

Noname's tweets from May 29 are now deleted, but Complex Mag reported her saying, "Poor black folks all over the country are putting their bodies on the line in protest for our collective safety and y’all favorite top selling rappers not even willing to put a tweet up" and that there are rappers whose "whole discographies be about black plight and they no where to be found" in the current uprising.

J.Cole's new track, Snow on tha Bluff, included some clownie-ness of its own, particularly his disapproval and policing of Noname's tone and his implying that she was preaching to the choir and not making a difference with her activism on Twitter. He also ended the song by asking to be taught. J.Cole said on his song that his college degree fools people into thinking he is smart when he is more average, an assessment that Twitter seemed to largely agree with.

The internet was frankly not very impressed with either man today. People on Twitter remembered J.Cole's support for Kodak Black and the XXX person that died and didn't quite get how those men's actions didn't bother Cole but Noname's tone did.

In response, Noname tweeted "QUEEN TONE!!!!!!" in reference to J.Cole saying "something about the queen tone" was bothering him, though her tweet has since been deleted.

Chance the Rapper actually called out J.Cole and J.Cole twitter bro stans are displeased.

Source 1 - Noname and Boots Riley talk for Haymarket Books
Source 2- Noname late May tweets
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Source 4 is my peepers for the last Noname tweet
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