Queen Mai (wearescientists) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Mai

My Chemical Romance FINALLY rescheduled fall North America tour

In another case of “COVID-19 is taking everything away from me, but I understand because I’d rather protect myself and others”, MCR becomes the latest in joining artists like Taylor Swift in canceling their stadium (ahem, FIRST stadium tour) after a hiatus that shook the world.

For those who were lucky enough to beat the bots, queue, and other system issues, your ticketing agency will have given you the following options: requesting a refund or saving your ticket.

Those that do not opt for a refund / take no action by July 16th, 2020, your ticket will carry over (per my Ticketmaster email). Y’all should’ve received an email already, but check your spam/junk/etc if you haven’t (mod note: I can’t get a screen cap in my email about this and I haven’t found an article or anything TM has put out regarding refunds. Pls believe me I’m mobile lol)

what are you going to be doing, lucky MCR lottery winners?


Tags: concert / tour dates, covid-19, music / musician (rock), my chemical romance

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