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Comic Book Artist Cameron Stewart exposed as a predator

Comic book artist and writer Cameron Stewart has been exposed on Twitter of being a predator who groomed young women.

Artist and model Aviva Maï exposed him last night on Twitter, stating that he flirted with her beginning at age 16 while he was in his 30s, even going so far as to mention that he was sad he didn't get a chance to date her.

Artist/writer Kate Leth and actress Natasha Negovanlis both backed up Aviva's claim by stating they also went through something similiar. Convention organizer Andrea Demonakos stated the Toronto comic scene widely knew of Cameron's predatory behavior and chased him out of town. Leth commented further that he told her left Toronto for Berlin because he "burned through all the girls" there.

Cameron hasn't made any comments but like a coward has locked his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Cameron has worked on books like Batgirl, Catwoman, and Motor Crush. His Batgirl and Motor Crush partner, Babs Tarr, has publicly supported Aviva.

Tags: comic books, sexual misconduct

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