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Jameela Jamil Likes Tweet Critiquing Kristen Bell's "Purple People" Kids Book

Fans have noticed that not only are former The Good Place costars Jameela Jamil and Kristen Bell not following each other on Instagram or Twitter, Jameela also liked a tweet criticizing Kristen's new kids book about colorblindness.

Jameela liked Matthew A. Cherry's tweet about Kristen's much criticized children's book, which said "I see the term "I don't care if you're purple" quite literally made it to book form."

Jameela previously tweeted out criticism against white celebrities sharing copaganda (media of cops hugging protesters, for example). Fans suggested that she @ Kristen directly, who has diligently been sharing cops doing good deeds on her Instagram in the middle of the worldwide protests against police brutality and killings towards Black lives. To be fair to Kristen, she also has been sharing BLM posts and media about systemic racism, seemingly trying to Krasinski herself on both sides.

By the looks of it, Jameela isn't here for Kristen's brand of white feminism. And like Queen of the White Feminists Taylor Swift, Kristen is opting to ignore all criticism and only like tweets praising her, quite like she did when the Veronica Mars season four backlash happened.

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Tags: celebrity feud, celebrity social media, jameela jamil, kristen bell, the good place (nbc), what is the truth

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