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ONTD Original: Changes to 14 TV Shows that would've made them SO. MUCH. BETTER!!!

FRIENDS: Chandler comes out of the closet.

It's the 90's and while Friends was progressive for the time they were. The show would've made a lot more sense to have Chandler be gay. They were certainly building towards it, and the sassyness was just there. I would've loved to see Chandler trying to date in the 90's.

TORCHWOOD: Ianto stays at the base.

As good as Children of Earth was, we do not need any more of that bury-your-gays trope (RIP Luigi), and Ianto's death was unnecessary. He could've stayed with Gwen at the base.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Denny survives the surgery.

Denny DID NOT need to die. It was just a cheap trick used by Shonda. It would've been interesting to see how Izzie's storyline would evolve with Denny around. Would she still be with Alex? How would've Denny reacted to Izzie's brain cancer?

GAME OF THRONES: The Battle of Winterfell is the real ending.

The Battle of Winterfell was GOT at it's best. I mean, ONTD's reaction post about it is WILD but it felt so epic, and so satisfying. People are on the fence about Daenerys' ending but if the show ended with the Battle of Winterfell, she could've died fighting, we could've had some zombies eating Cercei's body, Jamie could've stayed with Brienne. A few other changes: Ghost would've kicked a lot more ass and the fight would've been less dark.

THAT 70'S SHOW: Eric never leaves.

Him leaving for S7 to come back in S8 gave us the weakest seasons. He should've stayed, or they should've ended the show. (Same goes for JD on Scrubs).

CHARMED: Prue returns to use the Power of Four

Billie was the worst part of Charmed, i would've rather a final season with Prue as the big bad and later it gets revealed that she was manipulated by another big bad, and it gets vanquished by the Power of Four.

THE OC: Marissa moves from California to NY.

We know Mischa Barton wanted to leave the show, but having her moving to NY to a possible spin-off sounded like a good opportunity to reboot her character, and not killing her, sparing us from Ryan/Taylor.

HIMYM: Ted meets the mother...and that's it. No Robin twist.

I mean. They actually did it...

VERONICA MARS: The real Season 4 is about the pitched FBI season that never was.

The pitched FBI season 4 in which Veronica trained to be an agent was much better than the actual S4 we got. Also, it'd spare us from Logan's death.

GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE: Rory is pregnant... with Jess' baby.

Even if Jess was in the show for a few minutes, it would've made Rory a lot more likeable to finally end up with Jess (True OTP).

SUPERNATURAL: Dean and Castiel hook up.

Make Destiel happen. You want it, I want it, the fans want it. They've made a lot of references to it. I don't mind to have more of the 'womanizer-is-actually-gay-cause-he's-been-strugging-with-his-sexuality' trope.

GOSSIP GIRL: Everyone was gossip girl.

That finale made NO SENSE. I'd rather have them reveal all of them we're GG for some amount of time, or they worked for the original GG for some time giving them leads or something. Fuck you, Dan Humphrey.

THE MINDY PROJECT: Mindy ends up alone.

The show starter as a nice female empowerment show. And while it was a romantic comedy at heart, did she had to end up with the abusive asshole that was her ex-husband? ugh. Keep Mindy as an empowered single mother.

WEEDS: Nancy never leaves the suburbs

Weeds leaving the suburbs was shit, the whole mexico/cartel thing was such a mistake. Imagine if she had stayed in the suburbs and the police has to find who set most houses on fire, she could even run for Aggrestic mayor, to run her business from power, etc.

ONE TREE HILL: The dog DOES NOT eat the heart.

I mean.... it would keep them from jumping the fucking shark.

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ONTD, what would you change from your favorite TV show?
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