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ONTD Original: Finding Our Sweetheart! Nomination Round

DarlingssSs, as miss 'Rona is still around, random hookups are temporarly a thing of the past, but celebs crush are still a thing! Are you tired of the messy icons we take as boyfriend/girlfriend and then turn out to be trash? Did you lose track of who we are currently stanning? Are you just bored and want to talk cute people? No need to fear, your fav Snakey is here, to once and for all deliver the tournament our collective horny asses have been waiting for! Ladies, gentlemen and genderqueers I hereby present you the post where we can just show our trash taste out in the open:


  • No judgments.

  • You can nominate as many celebs as you wish.

  • Nominations of all genders are allowed (If then we have enough noms to make multiple threads like eg boyfriend/girlfriend great, if not, all the bis are welcome to come out and answer this roll call.)

  • Since I said no judgments, I WILL allow ONTD hots for the fox -you may nominate Robin Hood. I do however keep the right to ask G-d to take the wheel at some point.

  • Draws will be allowed in the final because polyamorous relationships are a thing.

  • Celebs who have been accused of rape and domestic violence cannot be nominated.

Round 1 -Nominations! Show your trash taste to me!
Voting is done in the usual fashion, users suggest someone in the comments and if you agree just write "+1" under it :)

Round 2 - ONTD Has NO Taste
I'll make a cute image and the polling system and I already know y'all will knock out my faves if there will be enough noms we will start with 16 celebs

Round 3 -  ...It's just a summer fling!
Pick who you are hot for this summer! 8 celebs will battle for our hearts if only this could happen irl

Round 4 -  If there are four people involved is it a foursome or an orgy?
Semifinals! Only people who give you a proper (lady)boner are allowed, no semis!

Round 5 - Be Mine!
It will be time to declare which celeb will be our current sweetheart, yay!

Each round will last two days.

Without further ado, ONTD show your trash taste!

Tags: ontd original, true love / love is dead

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