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Roundup on Bon Appetit: Christina Chaey confirms she was never paid for her on camera work and more

  • Confirms that her video appearances were considered a part of her job

  • Her base pay in 2017 was $68 000

  • Feels complicit in the hostile work environment because she did not stand with people who were trying to effect change BTS and cites Priya Krishna specifically

  • Was pulled on camera frequently for diversity points while all the money and opportunities went to the white stars who already had their own shows

  • Claire Saffitz who hosts Gourmet Makes spoke out

  • Acknowledges her whiteness and class allowed her to thrive in the toxic system without ever questioning it

  • Says she did not ask questions about Sohla or Gaby's earnings while inviting them to appear on camera

  • Implies that her show Gourmet Makes may not go on as she is unsure of her future with the company

  • Amiel Stanek says he is no longer with BA full time but as a contract employee

  • The experience has forced him to reflect on his contributions to the toxic workplace and he admits some of the things that happened seemed normal so he never questioned it

  • Salutes his colleagues who are pushing for change and says a lot of people are working hard bts negotiating for better pay right now

  • Calls out Condé Naste for being too vague with their "change" statements and says they need to commit to firm deadlines

  • Says he's been there long enough to know they have money they can fling around when they want to

  • His future with the company is uncertain but he says he wants to stay and hopes they can get to a more equitable place

  • Freelance writer Al Cullinton speaks!

  • From the outside it was obvious BA was toxic and racist

  • Company only had two black staffers kept at junior levels

  • Addresses Alex Delaney's homophobic video that resurfaced

  • Thinks cancel culture doesn't lead to healing

  • Does think it's time to reflect why unvetted and unqualified white male candidates are constantly promoted over more talented and qualified poc

  • Pulling her column for this month and is unsure if she will stay with company

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Tags: asian celebrities, food / food industry, race / racism

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