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Follow-up post: Jessica Mulroney gets dropped by CTV and sponsors

A follow-up to this post

Since yesterday, self-proclaimed PR expert Jessica Mulroney has posted an Instagram apology, stating that:
-She and Sasha Exeter had a disagreement
-She will allow Black voices to run her social feeds while she learns more
-That she's had an experience with her closest friend (ahem, Meghan Markle) where race was front and centre, that was very educational

But that wasn't good enough, because Sasha Exeter then posted screenshots of legal threats that Jessica sent, after the apology!!

She DM'd Sasha, "Liable suit. Good luck." (She's going to have to learn to spell, too.)

CTV has announced that they are dropping her show I Do, Redo from their platforms. Sponsor Smash & Tess also dropped her. She then posted yet another "apology," saying she will be stepping back from her professional life right now.

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Tags: #blacklivesmatter, black celebrities, canadian celebrities, pr training needed, race / racism

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