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Chromeo's Statement On New Release Date And BLM

Chromeo was set to release their new EP Quarantine Casanova last week on June 5th but due to ongoing protests and in recognition with BLM, they pushed it a week. It will be available tomorrow, Friday and their new Instagram video discusses that all proceeds of digital downloads, merch, and vinyl of the EP will go directly into the Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 Relief Fund!

What up, we are Chromeo, the Funk Lordz, with a little PSA. Now obviously there's no way we were gonna put out the Quarantine Casanova EP last week. We are putting it out tomorrow, Friday, or if you're watching this after Friday, well it's out now. Now in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in recognition that the corona virus is disproportionately affecting the black community and people of color, we are gonna be donating 100% of the proceeds from Bandcamp digital downloads, merch, and vinyl to the Know Your Rights Camp Covid-19 Relief Fund. Not everyone's got money right now, times are hard, so you can always enjoy our EP by streaming it for free on all platforms. Right, P? Yes, you can. But we'd love it if you could get involved with Black Lives Matter so in the link tree in our bio we included a bunch of resources that you can check out, petitions to sign, and other ways to take action. Please get involved. We really hope that our music can provide some joy during these dark and tumultuous times. Stay funky and don't forget, we are Chromeo with one message: Funk Forever.

An earlier statement they released on the protests and BLM:

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Are you feeling funky?
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