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ONTD Original: Top 15 Opening TV Credits of the last 20 years.

15. Prison Break (Season 1)

Simple, short, and does a great work to build the entire action-packed feeling of the show. Considering this was done 15 years ago. It's great!

14. Greys Anatomy

I hate that Grey's dropped it's theme song, but i get it cause it makes it look more like a bunch of people having sex with hospitals, and they wanted to go more for drama, but the transitions from medical to date scenarios is very creative.

13. Dexter

The whole morning routing thing and the parallels to him killing his victims is quite innovative and very creepy. I remember loving the theme too, as well as the little bell that sounds at the end.

12. Halt and Catch Fire

Very old school tech, yet incredibly engaging. I love the way they blend characters with graphics. Also, quite short, yet it does what it's supposed to.

11. Game of Thrones

Yes, i know everyone loves it, and asks why it isn't number one? Basically because the graphics changed with every episode and i found kinda hard to keep track of it.

10. Daredevil

The whole bloody lady justice thing is great, but imho, it runs a bit too long. The music is on point tho.

09. True Blood

Such a great job of using old footage to create this creepy abandoned town in the south atmosphere. I remember we used to sing it during the old True Blood Party Post.

08. Fringe

JJ Abrahams' friendship with Andrew Kramer from Videocopilot has resulted in some great things like the Fringe intro, and how it changed with the story, it became retro for the 80's episode, and futuristic for the 2040's episodes. Just watch it. It's amazing.

07. Doctor Who (Season 8)

Probably the best of the Doctor who openings, too bad they shamelessly ripped off a fan made opening title, and gave him no credit at all.

06. Teen Wolf

Considering how low budget the show was, their credits are great, and the music is on point too. Such a shame they changed them for such basic credits during the final season.

05. The Leftovers (Season 1)

While 'Let The Mystery Be' is nice and all, this one truly gives me chills and paints such an apocalyptic picture of the departed. It's great and very sad, just like 'The Leftovers'.

04. Westworld (Season 1)

Very cool effects, and the making of the horse and the human gives me chills every time i see it.

03. American Horror Story (Season 1)

I lit. shat my pants the first time i saw this during the pilot, and it was so creepy i didn't even noticed the credits started. Such a random mix of creepy things, yet it works SO well.

02. True Detective (Season 1)

Blending Mode > Screen. lol.

01. Too Many Cooks

I mean, if we're talking titles, Too Many Cooks takes the cake for cramming so much and so many genres and story within it's titles.

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ONTD, your favorite TV Titles?
Tags: american horror story (fx), daredevil / the defenders (netflix), dexter (showtime), doctor who (bbc), fringe (fox), game of thrones (hbo), greys anatomy (abc), teen wolf (mtv), true blood (hbo), true detective (hbo), westworld (hbo)

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