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TV Execs, Writers Grapple With COVID-19 Era Scripts

*As a follow up to the previous post about film/TV production resuming in California, some posters were wondering how things such as love scenes and fight scenes would be handled when guidelines advise as much social distancing as possible on sets.

*The answer....who know?

*Writers are being asked to cut sex scenes and fight scenes, and also to shorten script page counts, and asked to rethink scripts in a way that can be shot with new guidelines.

*Some writers are holding off on changes, not wanting to rewrite scripts multiple times as guidelines are updated and changed.

*Some show runners and writers talked about potential problems they forsee.

*Marta Kauffman, showrunner of Netflix's Grace and Frankie, says the age of their lead actors can pose issues. The show planned scenes set in assisted living situations with a crowd, which they no longer can do. And definitely not a lot of kissing scenes with older actors.

*Kenya Barris says the Freeform series Grownish poses a different set of issues due to being set on a college campus. "It's literally about a place where people gather, and you can only do so many [contained] bottle episodes before it starts to lose the tone and feeling of what the show is."

*Mythic Quest's Rob McElhenney says a scene set at an E3 conference had to be scrapped and rewritten due to crowd size.

*Sera Gamble, creator of You, isn't interested in CGIing the intimate scenes her show uses, saying we aren't at a place where you can fake a kiss with actors via visual effects.

*Days of multiple takes on set will probably be over, and many scenes will have to be CGI--for example, a birthday party storyline might have two actors reminiscing about the party, with CGI flashbacks of the party.

*Other ideas include shooting group scenes with actors separately, then combining them in post production, or quarantining actors together for 14 days with regular Covid testing, if the actors are OK with that. "And if they're not, you're fucked," says one executive, "because you can't force an actor to do something that they're not comfortable with."

*One thing is for sure--multiple show runners and writers say characters shaking hands is a thing of the past.


Would you watch a CGI love scene featuring Penn Badgley, ONTD?
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