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ONTD Original: Narcissistic #BLM "Solidarity" Posts from Influencers

Social media influencers once again show that if Black Lives Matter was a moment rather than a movement, then the moment should be all about them!

In no particular order, some of the most blatantly self-serving/empty "solidarity" posts from "influencers" as separated by subcategories.

[Actual Fucking Blackface]-Algerian actress/singer Souhila Ben Lachhab

-Musician/artist Tania Saleh

-Turkish influencer Kaan Ozdil

[Racial Hypocrisy Called Out]-KELLY CHASE of Netflix's Love is Blind got on IG to talk about BLM and used the term "colored" as well as how ALL lives matter and was promptly called out by fellow Love is Blind co-star Carlton Morton (after blocking him on social media)



She then brought out the tears during her apology: "I used the terms coloured people and All Lives Matter and I realise how ignorant that was, how uneducated I am and I’m really, truly sorry for the pain that I caused today because I realise that there are people hurting because of what happened with George Floyd and every other black person who is scared. It was definitely coming from a place of love and that I am truly, truly sorry. I never meant to offend you, hurt you, hurt anyone from the black community. I am just very, very sorry. I am educating myself on what I can do to help."

- Photographer/Entrepreneur/Podcaster Jenna Kutcher posted an email exchange she'd had with Toi Smith when the latter had commented on one of the former's photos that came off as peak white savior/poverty porn. The thing was, Kutcher didn't post the full exchange, and she didn't check with Smith to make sure this was okay. Smith called her out, and Kutcher has been falling all over herself in the fallout, INCLUDING trying to bribe Smith. Kutcher's posts about Black Lives Matter and her apologies have been called out as a performative attempt to save face, and she couldn't even name Smith specifically in her "apology".






- Self-Tanner/Sister of Louis Tomlinson has posted a few solidarity posts on her Instagram before going back to business as usual, but as many online have pointed out, this is a woman from the Ariana Grande school of self tanning as well as someone who has used the N-word on camera and blocks people who bring it up.

Also, this post burned my eyes.


- Fashion blogger Alyssa Coscarelli was called out for harassing a Black female co-worker, prioritizing aesthetics over the apology, and making it about herself



[Look at My Family]
-A lot of influencers posted wishy washy statements or Bible verses or both that never mention police brutality or oppression much less Black people and instead emphasize peace and love and can't we all just get along to create a better world!? This post addresses the "dark season" we're currently in attached to a video of the gender reveal for their upcoming baby!

-What better way to show that you stand with the Black community than a picture of you and your child so as not to break up the aesthetic of your IG page.

-Mormon mommy blogger TERRAH BELLE who originally declared ALL LIVES MATTER and then editing her caption to whine about people putting her under a microscope for every little word she says

-In the initial IG post announcing her pregnancy, Dani Austin tagged George Floyd for better algorithim visibility

- Did you know that racism exists AND that Jesus loves all the little children of the world?

[But My Aesthetic]-Let's see: Misspells Angela Davis' name. Uses a photo of herself before the solidarity photos. Promotes her new YouTube video about her weekend in quarantine, ya know the same weekend people were getting tear gassed and beaten by the police

-Fitness/stylist/podcaster Claire Guents acknowledges her own white privilege but also makes it fit with the rest of her blog aka pictures of her white self

-Why let something like systematic racism and inequality keep you from breaking up your blindingly white furniture aesthetic?

-This fashion blogger decided to pair her solidarity statement with a boudoir photo of herself and was promptly called out. She edited the caption but didn't delete so as to preserve the comments section

[Flippant]- While maybe not an influencer like the rest of this post, cartoonist/author Lucy Knisley posted this solidarity post to her IG stories and then deleted it before the 24 hours presumably because people did not take too kindly to the flippant note at the end.


thanks to parachuteending for suggesting a performative influencer post
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