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Bon Appetit's racist + toxic trash fire continues, grass is green, etc.

• Carla responded to the anecdote from the Business Insider piece where she specifically emailed two PoC women (along with white staffers like Delaney) telling them to stay out of the kitchen

• tbh email seems pretty passive aggressive, including Carla saying (despite sending it to multiple people!!!) that the person's "name came up specifically)

• Bon Appetit posted its own apology to the website/social media, and named Amanda Shapiro the interim Editor in Chief after Adam Rapoport stepped down due to being a racist dickhead

•  former BA writer Alyse Whitney described how the new EIC of Bon Appetit replacing Adam Rapoport killed stories because she was friends with Andy Baraghani, who disliked fellow fire island gay and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski

• another former BA writer describes being harassed and abused by another staff member, who when she went to Carla was brushed off and gaslit

•and, just for fun, now former EIC Adam Rapoport was exposed by Jezebel for not knowing how journalism works or brownface. congrats to him.

what a damn mess.......please drop any recommendations for replacement relaxing youtube channels to watch below! also I'm sorry if this post is bad pls forgive as it is my first one

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

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Tags: food / food industry, race / racism

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