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The View: Symone Sanders, Andre and Jennifer Laubach, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic The Virus is Still Here

Plays clip of Dr Fauci. States who are in various stages of reopening are seeing increase of cases. Joy was glad to see Dr Fauci who she thought was in witness protection. Dr Birx must be shopping for new scarves. No more briefings. No one is in charge. Jealous of New Zealand. Sunny thinks he disappeared because something else took over the news cycle. 112K have died from the virus, and it continues. Meghan thinks it’s a lose-lose situation with racial tensions flaring and still the pandemic. Has a rant because she’s pregnant. Distrusts everyone. Whoopi says things without saying anything.

Hot Topic Race Themes in Films and TV

TV show Cops was cancelled. Gone With the Wind has been pulled off HBO Max temporarily so they can digitally add a disclaimer* re/context, then they’ll put it back. No content will be changed. White people on your fb feed have had an aneurism and probably said dumb things like Gone America With the Wind which doesn’t even make sense. Sunny drags Megyn Kelly. Joy explains the obvious difference between a fictional film based on a fictional book of its era vs Cops which is real time right now. Meghan tweeted and said things. Whoopi says more things, and brings up cartoons as well.

*The disclaimer is similar to what Warner Bros added to their Looney Tunes cartoon catalog.

Hot Topic Symone Sanders

Symone Sanders is Biden’s senior campaign adviser, she’s promoting her new book No, You Shut Up. First they talk about Floyd and the protests. Next they talk about defunding law enforcement, re/the phrase used, and SS drags BunkerBaby©, mentions bill that House has put forward for reform. Then they talk about polls, although it’s a few months to election. SS brings up BunkerBaby© gassing Americans, Powell voting for Biden. SS gives some stump speech talking points, plus all the Generals who have spoken out. More poll talk about VP pick. Whoopi jokes that Sunny could be a candidate. Then they talk about the book which has a funny title, and accounts for the time she’s spent on cable news, and other elements of her experience and political commentary. Some Bernie talk re/supporters getting on board with Biden.

Hot Topic Parents With Covid Who Had Twins

Andre and Jennifer Laubach both got sick with the virus, she was 30 weeks pregnant with twins. Her water broke, but Andre couldn’t go due to him being positive and sick. She gave birth 8 weeks premature to Mitchel and Maxim, but she couldn’t hold them. They could only see their babies through video chat for 20 days. A week after they brought the babies home, one of the twins had medical difficulty and had to go back to the e/r. Turns out he had a staff infection that cause breathing apnea. Now they’re all back together and things are fine. They talk about their dramatic and traumatic ordeal. Jessica Alba’s company Honest is donating lots of baby goods for the couple.

Ontd did you know HBO Max has all kinds of cartoon catalogs?!

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