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ontd original: People are recreating Pop Culture Scenes in Animal Crossing

I came across a recreation of a Spongebob Episode and wondered if there were more out there...it's a growing sub-genre of...what do we call this?

Anyway, here's 7.

I Need A Hero sequence from "Shrek 2". // Original Scene

Always a popular film, Shrek 2 is experening a new life. Somehow. It was trending on Twitter, and while this wasn't trending with it, it is surprisingly well made.
Starring: Audie (Human Fiona), Whitney (The Fairy Godmother), Julian (Prince Charming), Biscuit (Mongo), A ride-on Zebra Toy (Donkey), Papi (Human (?) Shrek)

Prison Mike from "The Office" // Original Scene is Picture-In-Picture

I don't know much about the Office so I just want to see the animals.
Starring: Player Character (Michael Scott), Snake, Merengue, Eugene (Other people)

"I Want it That Way" from Copaganda Brooklyn 99 // Original Scene

Once darling, now demonized. This has been recreated by several people, and not one of them have used a pig character as Jake. Then again, there's only about 2 male pig characters (Cobb and Kevin) in the game.
Starring: Raymond (Jake Peralta), Pashmina (Lady Who Reported A Crime I'm guessing), Sterling (Suspect #3), Dizzy (Suspect #4), Marshall (Suspect #5)

"Who Broke It?" from "Parks and Recreation" \\ Original Scene

Arguably, this casting is vastly improved upon the human characters.
Starring: Player Character (Leslie Knope), Julian ( Tom ), Audie (Donna), Hamlet (Some dude), Tammy (April), Anchovy (Ben)

"Oops! I Did It Again" by Britney Spears \\ Original Video is Picture in Picture

Originally from Tiktok.
Starring: Player Character as Britney Spears

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening // Original Scene

Looked at my island, I was finally there! Someone posted it in a roundup a few days ago. This isn't the entire theme song though it does use parts of it.

Starring: Player Character as....everybody.

"The Bully" from "Spongebob Squarepants" // Original

Just take 8 minutes to watch it because it's suprisingly good. I might have picked someone else to be Flats simply bc Sterling has that giant shit on him and he can't animate clearly.

Starring: Kid Cat (Spongebob), Ankha (Mrs. Puff), Sterling (Flats the Flounder), Dizzy (Patrick, random student), a turtle (Gary), Raymond, Pashmina, Diana, Marshall (People who beat up Old Man Jenkins).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7, sources to originals are linked in the appropriate sections.
Tags: britney spears, brooklyn nine-nine (nbc), computer / video games, ontd original, the office (nbc), will smith

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