krystal (burntxtoashes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Mel B Opens Up About Experiences With Racism

- She was once asked to leave a designer store when shopping for an outfit to perform for Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles. The other girls had a go at the assistant, but Mel said she wasn't shocked because she almost expected it.
- Was told to straighten her hair for the Wannabe video, but refused because her hair was her identity, and so much of what the group stood for was celebrating differences.
- She recalls not being able to wear her hair back and a certain way in school, and how she'd often be the only brown person in the room during Spice Girls meetings.
- She once took Geri to an underground club in Leeds in an attempt to get her to understand how she felt. Everyone was black except her and Mel B explained, "That's what it's like for me nearly every day. I'm always the only brown girl in the room."
- Says that growing up in Leeds meant that she was the victim of racial slurs and was often chased home by other kids.
- Is educating herself on race + the justice system in America.

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, race / racism, spice girls

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