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More on Bon Appétit's toxic and racist workplace culture

• Business Insider spoke to 14 POC contributors and employees at Bon Appétit about their experiences.

Ryan Walker-Hartshorn was Adam Rapoport's assistant before his resignition and she is the only black woman on his staff. Her annual base salary is $35000 and she hasn't been able to pay rent for three months. When she asked for a raise on June 4th, Rapoport's response was: "Well, maybe you should consider that this is not the right job for you."

• She was expected to run personal errands for him, often outside of her job description.

• Once asked Rapoport how he wanted his coffee and he responded with: "I don't know, like Rihanna."

• Rapoport wasn't the only one whose offensive past has resurfaced. Matt Duckor, head of video programming for Bon Appétit, have made some offensive tweets about gay people and POC in the past.

• ONTD fave's Alex Delany's post on Tumblr featuring a Confederate flag cake has also resurfaced. He and his friends apparently made the cake as a send-off for a friend who was moving to South Carolina.

• Both have since apologized.

• After Sohla El-Waylly explicitly expressed her frustration about POC staffers not being paid for their video appearances on her Instagram, she got sent a contract that would add $20,000 to her base pay. Sohla claims that she was "insulted and appalled" at the offer because other stars earn much more in per-episode fees.

• Former editors Nikita Richardson and Alyse Whitney recall getting an email from Carla Lalli Music banning them from the Test Kitchen. Alledgedly, Delany received the same email but continued to go to the Test Kitchen without consequence.

Rick Martinez was once asked by the deputy editor if he was "a one-trick pony" due to his focus on Mexican cuisine.

More mess at the source.

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