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Billboard's staff picks the 50 best albums of 2020... so far

While it would be pat to suggest that our staff's favorite albums of the year so far have been what's gotten us through these times, it'd also be unfair to downplay the fundamental and undeniable role music has in giving our lives stability, comfort and joy during such an unprecedented period. These albums have distracted, they've confronted, they've enlightened, they've provided valuable solace and much-needed catharsis. They haven't made the world outside a less scary place, but in their own small but significant ways, they've helped fortify us to face it day after day after day.

Here are our picks, presented alphabetically, for the Billboard staff's 50 favorite albums of 2020 so far.


Bad Bunny's record-breaking album YHLQMDLG will go down in history as the first all-Spanish-language album to reach No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, and it will also go down as one of the best albums of the new decade regardless of genre or language thanks to back-to-back perreo, trap and reggaetón hits... with it, he pushes the genre's boundaries while taking it to the next level.

Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia

Halsey, Manic

The goal of every pop star is basically to get to the place where Halsey is with Manic. With any remaining questions about her bonafides as a top-level hitmaker long answered... the New Jersey-born singer-songwriter was guaranteed a mass audience for her extremely personal songs of love, heartbreak, anxiety and rage.

Lady Gaga, Chromatica

Selena Gomez, Rare

In recent years, Selena Gomez has proved her prowess not just as a celebrity pop force, but as an artist willing to take risks with new and unique swerves in production and songwriting (see: "Bad Liar," "Fetish"). Likewise, there isn't one bit of filler on Gomez's masterful third solo album, which is as diaristic as it is danceable.

Full list at the source

What's your favorite album of the year so far?
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