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Roses are red, violets are blue, Hanson are white and Zac wants to shoot you

Another day, another group of white celebrities proving they're not shit when it comes to the issue of Black Lives Matter. This time it's the 90's pop trio and no, they're not Mormon, but they sure do like to procreate like them,  Hanson.

-Fans started to become upset because Hanson wasn’t acknowledging the BLM protests and instead posted about the rocket launch, as well as posts talking about their expensive stupid fan event in Jamaica next year so they started getting flooded with comments on their instagrams.

-All three eventually made generic posts, but Zac took it a step further  He responded to a black fan telling him she was hurt by him not saying 'Black Lives Matter' and he gave a pretty condescending response. After further backlash, he disabled comments on his instagram.

-A fan then released screen caps of a private message she had with Zac on their website where he whined that people were being judgemental and wanting them to conform to their way of thinking and he would never just stand there and film someone being killed (presumably a comment talking shit about the helpless 17-year-old girl who witnessed George Floyd's murder).

-Furthermore, fans discovered a pinterest profile which seemed to belong to Zac. He is a self-proclaimed gun enthusiast (he follows TONS of gun accounts on his ig and has been pictured holding assault rifles numerous times)
A lot of the things he pinned were pro-gun, pro-stand your ground laws, and racist as fuck. Since this was brought to fans attention, the profile on pinterest was deleted. And Zac has ADMITTED the account was his.

-Also someone dug up a clip from one of their dvd's of Zac stupidly comparing unused songs to refugees.

Hanson’s Instagram post about rocket launch (they deleted their Jamaican fan event post after backlash):

Taylor’s Post

Isaac’s Post

Zac’s Post

The deleted fan comment and Zac’s response:

[Zac’s proof continued]
The PM with the fan

The Pinterest Pins:


Some of the grossest ones on there are one that says Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman, one insinuating that men who are uncomforable with guns are gay, and of course these two gems:

The link with the video of the gross refugees comparison

Shoutout to stewie_e who helped me with this post. You're my boy Blue! You're my boy!!
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Tags: hanson, race / racism

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