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The View: Kamala Harris, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

[All last week were repeats]

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Last week whew. BunkerBaby© tried to be tough, America said go f’ck yourself. Citizens turned out in record numbers, all 50 states, multiple cities in many states, and countries across the world. Joy felt it was déjà vu and recalls Vietnam protests during LBJ. Feels like burning her bra again. Sunny talks about the irony of excessive police force during protests about excessive police force, including journalists and camera crew. Meghan brings up her role model -Condoleeza Rice- op-ed. Feels people like her who come from a place of privilege need to lead with compassion and empathy and love. Hopes this is a watershed moment.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Sidebar: follow @sarahcpr on Twitter, she’s a real gem!

Panel discusses everything BunkerBaby© did last week that was crazy pants. Rumor is WH staff is trying to organize him addressing the nation. As much as a real leader should do that, nobody wants to hear from him. Joy quotes dismal poll numbers. Panel covers Bible photo op, he got his fence but it was around the WH, which protestors used as an art gallery for protest signs. Sunny covers martial law, insurrection act (which became illegal in 1868). The last 4 Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff all came out against BunkerBaby©, including Colin Powell who said publicly he was voting for Biden, and that Tr’mp is LiarInChief™. Meghan talks more polls, and comparisons to previous times of civil discord.

Hot Topic Senator Kamala Harris

The neighbor who beat up Senator Rand Paul over lawn care drama needs a gofundme for Round 2 because Rand Paul is the lone Senator vetoing a bill to outlaw lynching. RP says it’s too broad, and that murder over race is already a hate crime. That guy is trash. And RP vetoed it on the day of Floyd’s funeral. Talks more about comprehensive bill for police reform. Discussion about the details of the four officers who murdered Floyd. Says it won’t be easy to get a conviction because jurors are often more inclined to trust LEOs. More conversation on police reform bill and if any Republicans are on board, brings up Mitt Romney who protested yesterday.

Talks about Minneapolis defunding police. KH explains her position, covers defunding vs reforming, and strategy for providing safety in America. KH sidesteps the specific question Is she in favor of defunding police. Sunny elaborates that defunding the police doesn’t mean abolishing the police. Sunny brings up Biden VP pick, and that it should be a black female. KH says she just wants him to win.

Ontd have you been to any protests?

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