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Copaganda shows Live PD and Cops pulled off the air

Trash copaganda shows Live PD and Cops have been pulled by their respective networks following protests against police over the death of George Floyd.

A&E stated it did not air its scheduled episode of Live PD on Friday our of respect for Floyd's family and for the safety of the police departments they follow. No mention was made on whether it will be back on the air this upcoming Friday. Stans are mad because the series shows cops in a good light, which of course is all by design.

The Paramount Network hasn't made any comment on Cops, but took the show off its scheduled Monday timeslot last week and has yet to put it back. The network has even gone so far as to completely scrub the series from its website, so it's possible the show may never return. The series has been criticized throughout its run for being racist, has been involved in numerous legal issues, and was accused of letting cops edited out anything that would paint them in a negative light.

Tags: paramount, race / racism, television, television - a&e
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