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Prince Harry is now threatening legal action against Dan Wootton and the Sun

— Prince Harry is suing The Sun & Dan Wootton for paying Prince William & Kates staff, Christian Jones for stories against the Sussexes. — Dan Wootton at the Sun Newspaper said that the racism towards Harry and Meghan came from within the Royal Family. And now we learn Dan Wootton paid William's Press Secretary £4000 for leaking info on Harry and Meghan.
“Sources close to the matter say it is alleged The Sun made 2 payments amounting to £4K to Stephens, in relation to stories published in June & July 2019 about nannying and god-parenting arrangements for the Sussexes’ son Archie” Royal Communications Secretary Christian Jones has allegedly been the Source that has been briefing against the Sussexes to Dan Wootton. He is still working for the Cambridges. Wootton and Publisher News UK are threatening to sue BYLINE INVESTIGATES.

Wootton says he is prepared to defend his position in court, and claims to enjoy the full confidence of @TheSun whose editor-in-chief Victoria Newton has coincidentally been named as a suspected phone hacker in an unrelated court case Prince Harry is bringing against the tabloid.

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Tags: british celebrities, legal / lawsuit, royalty / royal family, scandal

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