Amber Liu calls out hate comments, says she's working hard on educating herself

  • Last year Amber Liu, member of kpop group f(x), came under fire after stating a black man deserved to get arrested for eating a sandwich because "he just fucking deserved it, because dude he’s being super disrespectful". She later apologized on social media, stating that she was not educated on systematic racism. This event wasn't the first time Amber has showcased racism or ignorance.

  • During the current protests she's shown support to Black Lives Matters, joining protests herself.

  • In the meantime, a group of kpop fans made a fake article stating Amber is pregnant, even going as far to say Super Junior's Shindong is the father. Hence the last sentence in the above screenshot.

  • Choice quote: "I've been saying for YEARS that I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I truly mean my apologies, and I'm trying to be better. I can't make it anymore clear on where I stand. But this? RIGHT NOW? I'm fucking done being nice, so I'm not gonna waste my time trying to explain ANYTHING to haters targeting me and twisting things to fit YOUR narrative."

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