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Hasan Minhaj calls for action from Asian communities in anti-racism

Hasan Minhaj posted a 12-minute video on Patriot Act's YouTube channel speaking directly to the Asian community to call on them to speak out (and vote) in support of Black Lives Matter and fighting against anti-Black racism within Asian communities.

He highlights:

  • Police responding to protests against police brutality with more police brutality

  • Criticizes the conversation being derailed by focusing on riots and looting - specifically calls out Asian reactions to this

  • Discusses the discrepancy of having Black heroes but contributing to anti-Black racism

  • Explains how work by African Americans during the Civil Rights movement enabled Asian immigration and freedoms

  • Raises the significance of Tou Thao's role in the murder of George Floyd (charged on Wednesday with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter)

Note: He also discusses how the shop owner is Arab American, there has been a statement from the shop owner condeming the Minneapolis police and regretting the call of the 17-year old clerk (source)

He raises 4 changes:

  1. End qualified immunity

  2. Demilitarize the police

  3. Vote out corrupt local officials

  4. Prosecute these cops (talks about Attorney General Keith Ellison)

"This fake woke shit we do on IG dies in a week. We can't just knock out racism. We have to help win this thing on the cards. We have to donate our time and money to Black organizations."

  • He calls on people to use their skill sets to support protestors (ex. the sterotypical professions of health care, law, and tech) but also highlights Rahul Dubey who sheltered ~70 protestors in his home in Washington, DC (source): "Be like Rahul. He let protestors hide from police in his home. You don't even need a degree to do this."

Source 1 2 3


What conversations have you been having in your communities? Share resources in the comments.

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