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Riverdale Showrunner Promises to Do Better By Their Black Characters After Vanessa Morgan Speaks Out

A follow up to this post. After days of silence following the many articles written on Vanessa Morgan's tweets about how poorly Riverdale treats her and other Black characters, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa finally addressed the issue an hour after the Riverdale fandom got #HearVanessaMorgan trending worldwide.

He also finally started following her on Twitter, like he does every other cast member. Vanessa retweeted and liked the tweet, but hasn't commented on it, though was very thankful to the fans for the support:

In other Riverdale cast news:

Skeet Ulrich (50) and his girlfriend/maybe fiancee Megan Blake Irwin (28) can't read a room and posted some unnecessary pictures on Instagram the other night that nobody was interested in seeing:

I'll spare you their nausating comments to one another posts, you're welcome. When fans called him out for the timing, he replied defending himself:

In his defense, he did in fact go to a protest with his girlfriend/maybe fiancee and his daughter on the 30th.

Speaking of protests, Lili Reinhart wasn't the only one that went to a protest this week; Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes attended the protest outside City Hall together on Wednesday, along with 13 Reasons Why's Tommy Dorfman and model/rumored new Cole love interest Kaia Gerber.

They all posted stories and attempted to film lives a few times that didn't work too well, and Cami and Mads posted stories of speeches on their IG feeds if you're interested. In a Twitter thread supposedly detailed celebrities at the protest, someone tried to claim they left early without marching (not sure how someone could possibly know that in a crowd that large) but pictures prove that story false:

Don't think anyone got any pictures of Cole, as far as I know.

And while her castmates are showing their support by protesting (as she did too), Lili Reinhart has started a nightly routine of going live on Instagram with Black activists to chat and give them a larger platform. I haven't watched them myself, but I've heard they're pretty good. She had to turn her comments off after the first one, because people wouldn't stop asking her if she and Cole were still together and she found it "annoying" and "irrelevant." Me too.

With Kenidra R. Woods

With Emmanual Acho

With Fredrick Joseph.

Meanwhile, KJ Apa, Mark Consuelos and Casey Cott haven't posted or done much of note. Charles Melton reposts some BLM stories every other day. I believe noted Scientologist Marisol Nichols was #NotAllCops-ing on Twitter and Madchen Amick has only posted a few things, despite having black children.

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