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New Info Reveled About Myka Stauffer: She Allegedly Assaulted a Nurse at Her Former Job


Myka and James Stauffer are the influencers who gave up their 5-year-old son adopted from China after he had lived with them for nearly 3 years.

After the scandal went viral, droves of people reported them to Ohio authorities. The Delaware County Sheriff's Department released a statement: It knows the boy's current location, and he is not in danger of abuse or neglect.


Rumors are swirling about Myka's past as a nurse. She was a registered nurse until 2013. She claims that she chose to let her license lapse. But sleuths have discovered that a nurse with Myka's exact name was allegedly involved in a physical altercation at a hospital un 2013.

Before her career as a Christian family YouTuber, Myka worked as a registered nurse at an Ohio hospital under her maiden name, Bellisari. A nurse with her exact same name who worked at an Ohio hospital in the same timeline was accused of using a hospital cart to physically assault a pregnant nurse.

A lawsuit against Mercy Franciscan hospital indicates that a nurse by the name of Myka Bellisari was involved in a physical altercation with another nurse. The hospital gave Bellisari a written warning and threatened to fire her for any additional incidents. The hospital fired the other nurse, and she sued for wrongful termination. Here are the court documents.

It has not been confirmed that this is the same Myka Bellisari. It's possible that a totally different woman also happened to have the exact same name, was a registered nurse in this exact timeline, and worked in Ohio.


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