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‘Vanderpump’ Star Brett Caprioni reveals “maternal” relationship with Lisa Vanderpump .....

As everyone buzzes about the ‘Vanderpump Rules‘ reunion show, Brett Caprioni Has opened up about his “maternal” relationship with his boss Lisa Vanderpump and also discussed his costar Charli.

“She commands your attention and runs the room. Kind of like a CEO, someone very important. She made me feel cool, She means business. Lisa seemed interested in me as a person when we met.. She seemed very interested in what I was saying. Kind of like a mother,” Caprioni revealed on David Yontef’s ‘Behind The Velvet Rope’ podcast.

What about his costar Charli? He said, “I dont understand her .. She only dates guys with seven figures and private jets. I wasn’t just trying to get on her pants - she has this preconceived notion of me and she was very off - I've heard her talk about in the press lately and that’s fine.I don't concern myself with peoples opinions who don't know who I am.” Check out more of the interview at the source.

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