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Poppy covers "All the Things She Said" for Pride Month; releases statement amid political drama

Everyone's favorite performance-artist-cum-YouTube-sensation-turned-numetal-Goddess Poppy released a cover of t.A.T.u.'s classic gay anthem "All the Things She Said" today in honor of Pride Month. A music video was also uploaded to the star's YouTube page.

Poppy announced the single—which is now available on all major music streaming providers—on Instagram, alongside a statement expressing support for LGBTQ equality and the protests happening nationwide in response to the murder of George Floyd.

The song and music vdeo were uploaded to YouTube. View the video below:

Poppy's instagram announcement contained a photo of the single artwork, followed by the following message, explaining the inspiration for the cover, as well as expressions of support for LGBTQ and racial equality:


The move comes after recent allegations, posted in a series of now-deleted tweets, that Poppy is a registered republican and donald trump supporter. Fans on the that_Poppy subreddit spent the following days speculating on the legitimacy of the tweet's claims, prompting the "Concrete" singer to respond on both social media platforms.

Poppy logged into the reddit account created for an AMA last year to drag a fan accusing Poppy of being conservative, as well as her former collaborator and abuser Titanic Sinclair:

You don't know what I believe. You are not in my head so you will never truly know every corner of my thoughts and the patterns of my thoughts. You will never meet me. I refuse to ever speak on any subject until I am informed and ready. When I am ready, I mean every word I string together in a sentence.

Stop trying to fill in gaps for me to make more sense to your tiny judgemental brain, and stop trying to draw conclusions about who I am as a person and what my soul is like, because you will NEVER know.

You referring to "people who were close to me" I was never close to my abusive ex boyfriends brother. He lived in a basement and I met him 3 times and he never got the tiniest sliver of insight as to who I am as a person. He decided months back to try and assassinate my character because he was embarrassed by his older brothers actions.

Why don't you go out and protest, donate, or stand up for something you are passionate about instead of ridiculing a stranger who is thankful for every accomplishment small and large in her life who has fought for a voice for years and is finally in a position to use it shamelessly.

She also replied to a fan on Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet:


Today's release of the pro-LGBT single and anti-racist message seemed to comfort fans on the subreddit.

The gay anthem isn't the only cover Poppy has released recently. After being leaked by Sinclair, Poppy officially released an early cover of the Pokemon theme song. Listen to it below:

Sources: Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube
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