Olga Pataki (britneyspears) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Olga Pataki

Tavi Gevinson calls out Karlie Kloss' hypocrisy

- Karlie Kloss shared a quote from Instagram poet Cleo Wade encouraging people to call out racism within their own family
- Tavi Gevinson, actress/writer/etc, left a comment pointing out Karlie has no problem associating with her in-laws, the Kushners and the Trumps
- Karlie ignores Ivanka's comments and posts on social media but still associates with Ivanka and Jared in private
- Tavi points out Karlie can't have it both ways

Transcript of Tavi's comment in case Karlie pulls a Lea and deletes it:
"Karlie, give it a rest. You have a lot of nerve to make a show of championing girls‘ coding and your other causes while only politely disowning your family in public (lmao @ you ignoring ivanka on social media; she still went to your wedding). I can’t believe you’re not more embarrassed not just by them but YOUR decision to only publicly disown their politics in polite ways so you can have it both ways. I don’t know what kinds of conversations you have behind the scenes (besides when Jared asked your dad to solicit solutions to a global pandemic in a Facebook group back in March 😂) but like.....what am I looking at. This is a fucking joke."

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Tags: celebrity social media, internet celebrities, models, politics, race / racism

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